Special Weight Loss Edition


…to our Whole Person Integrative Eating” WORKSHOP

Your 2018 Guide to Losing Weight & Keeping It Off

— By Deborah Kesten and Larry Scherwitz

A “New Nutrition Lifestyle”

With the 3 FREE Programs, including the “Weight-Loss Living” WORKSHOP (program #3) we created for you, you’ll discover a “new nutrition lifestyle,” designed to transform your relationship to food, eating, and weight…for life. We created them to empower you to achieve your personal wellness goals by addressing the underlying reasons most of us overeat and gain weight. As you’ll see, our research-based Whole Person Integrative Eating programs accomplish this by giving you the evidence-based, health-enhancing skills you need to advance your physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being—at your own pace, and based on your personal needs.

As you look over the programs, keep in mind that each strategy, in each program, strongly influences your weight in different ways. In other words, they’re like building blocks: each works independently, while at the same time, they complement, support, and strengthen each other. Visit them at your leisure. Take your time. Choose any program at any time based on your personal interests and preferences. And keep in mind that familiarizing yourself with the programs isn’t a quick fix. Rather, acquainting yourself with our “whole person” nutrition lifestyle is a process, a lifetime endeavor that has the power to help you lose weight and keep it off.


Meet the 3 Programs

Our Whole Person Nutrition programs go from short to medium to in-depth. They include: Jump Start (a quick, get-started guide); In Action (a 10-part plan); and Weight-Loss Living (a comprehensive “how to” program). Here’s an overview of our suite of programs. Just click to get started.


Your quick guide to 10 key weight-loss solutions

Have you ever lost weight and gained it back? You’re not alone: that’s what happens to most dieters. There’s more—much more—to weight-loss success than eating less and exercising more. Rather, our research has revealed the real secrets involve addressing the underlying–and often remarkable–reasons we pack on pounds; as crucial are the eating and lifestyle choices you make each day. Get a quick overview of 10 key weight-loss solutions with our Jump Start.


Our 10-step SUCCESSFUL LOSER SERIES provides a solid foundation for losing weight and keeping it off

The 10-part plan in our “In Action: SUCCESSFUL LOSER SERIES” turns to our original research… and more…to look beyond conventional wisdom by thinking of weight in terms of a “family” of eating behaviors (often unfamiliar ones) and lifestyle choices. Unraveling all 10 elements we reveal, and identifying the solutions that work for you is your best insurance for a lifetime of weight-loss success. It all starts with one simple step at a time. To reap the rewards, get In Action by clicking on the 10 steps, below.

“Step #1: Lose Weight Without Dieting”
“Step #2: Overcoming Emotional Eating”
“Step #3: Eat Fresh, Weigh Less”
“Step #4: The Weight Loss Power of Mindfulness”
“Step #5: Nourish Your Senses, Lose Weight”
“Step #6: Eat with Others, Eat Less”
“Step #7: Stress More, Eat More”
“Step #8: Chemical Cuisine: A New Saboteur of Weight”
“Step #9: The ‘Magic Sleep Number’ for Weight Loss”
“Step #10: Get Moving with Four-Facet Fitness”


#3. WEIGHT-LOSS LIVING: “Whole Person Integrative Eating” WORKSHOP
A 4-part comprehensive workshop (“Whole Person Integrative Eating”), filled with lessons, food plans, recipes, and more, for attaining and maintaining weight loss

It’s time to change the way you think about dieting, losing weight, and keeping it off. Our Whole Person Integrative Eating program: A 4-phase weight-loss plan, is not about calorie counting, figuring fat, or watching your weight; nor is it a restrictive regimen. Rather, it is an evidence-based, comprehensive “how to” program for the whole self that nourishes all of you—body, mind, and soul—each time you eat. Click here to get started with  Weight Loss Living: Our Whole Person Integrative Eating Program.

We wish you a wonderful nutrition journey…