Healing Secrets of Food

A Practical Guide for Nourishing Body, Mind, and Soul

From the award-winning author of Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul comes a bold optimal eating program based on Deborah Kesten’s work as a nutrition researcher, educator, lecturer, and writer. The Healing Secrets of Food transports you through time-tested food wisdom to the present, where science has verified what ancient people knew instinctively: that food heals more than your physical health — it also enhances your emotional, spiritual, and socialwell-being.

Kesten calls this new/old view “The Four Facets of Food.” Once you begin to view food from this authentic, multifaceted framework, your entire relationship to food and eating—and your perception about the power of food to heal you holistically—will change at its core. Read The Healing Secrets of Food and discover the healing power of food to nourish “all of you” each time you eat.


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A Practical Guide for Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul

9781577311881_cvr_f“Deborah Kesten shows us that foods are not merely physical things but substances intimately connected with our mind and consciousness. This is why most cultures have had a sacred, spiritual regard toward eating. In our obsession to scientize nutrition, we have forgotten this vital connection. Our failure to heed her insights has largely resulted in our tortured relationship with food and the epidemic of eating disorders that plague society. Kesten shows the way out. High recommended.”

Author of Healing Words


“The Healing Secrets of Food moves our understanding of the ordinary into a new application of the subtle dimensions of diet and nutrition. This beautiful book combines science, storytelling, and heart to address our relationship to food and how this relationship links us to family, culture, and spirit. As Kesten tells us so clearly, the intention we give to food can truly transform our lives.”

Past President and CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences
IONS Ambassador for Creative Projects and Global Affairs & Senior Scientist


“Bursting with a zest for food and time-tested cooking wisdom gleaned from ancient cultures and modern science, this is a book that I will turn to again and again for inspiration, enjoyment, and the sheer delight of discovering new ingredients not listed on labels or found in supermarkets. Its insights will remain with you long after you have dined.”

Executive Chef for Lifestyle Advantage


“The moment I picked it up, I knew this book was something different. This is more than a book about eating. I agree with Kesten that food shared is food much more delicious—and healthier. The ideas expressed in this book are long overdue. It will be very welcome—and healing.”

Author of The Vegetarian Bistro and Islands in the Sun Cookbook


Amazon.com: The Healing Secrets of Food