Note to Health & Research Professionals



— By Deborah Kesten and Larry Scherwitz —


Note to health and research professionals…
The 76-item What’s Your Overeating Style? assessment tool we are posting on our website reveals seven eating styles linked with overeating, overweight, and obesity.

The questionnaire:

  • is validated with norms based on a large sample size (N=5,256);
  • contains 76 questions, each of which has been factor analyzed;
  • has shown validity in predicting frequency of overeating.

Our self-assessment quiz is based on our original research, which identified seven “overeating styles” that make it hard to lose weight and keep it off. The more overeating styles a person practices, the more likely s/he is to overeat and gain weight; conversely, when proactive steps are taken each day to stop the styles, odds of fulfilling weight loss potential increase.


(Evidence-Based) Guides to Optimal Eating

After responding to each statement in our What’s Your Overeating Style? self-assessment quiz, not only do participants discover their overeating styles and the specific food choices and eating behaviors that could be contributing to their overeating, they also find ideas to guide their food choices, eating behaviors—and weight—in the direction that can lead to health and healing…for life.

For instance, to overcome the overeating styles—and to discover still more strategies and solutions for attaining and maintaining weight loss—check out our Special Weight Loss Edition, our Weight Loss Workbook (“The Program”), Make Weight Loss Last and other books, our evidence-based, fact-filled blogs (NewView, mwllNOW, FreshFoodFables), and more.

A New Recipe for Weight Loss Success: Meet the Overeating Styles!